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Metar server down ?

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--- Quote from: ValentineWeather on June 28, 2018, 01:21:37 PM ---Looks like metar server is down again.

--- End quote ---
Yes, it is down.
No response from the server at all.


And up again,


Thanks I just hashed out conditions icon to prevent site hang.

Wish there was a work around for rain override to work with metar hashed out also. I have cameras and only have enabled so  local station rain conditions will show on dashboard.
I tried it with metar hashed out but didn't work. If this would work I wouldn't use airport metar at all. 

Its in a up and down phase again, I noticed it down early this morning and came back up.

Not sure if you guys use this or not is pretty decent it crashes a few times here and there but overall pretty decent can get most metar stations auto or manned stations. I think you can also get most countries.


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