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Running a meteobridge device and WeatherCat on a mac mini here in Maine (trying out both for the time being) and very happy with both so far. We'll be leaving for the winter, and I'll leave the MB device, Davis console, routers, etc all on the UPS.

But what I'd like to do is not leave the mac mini (with WeatherCat) running all on its own for months and take it with me; if I don't leave it running here I can't see that there is anyway for me to access the Davis console remotely with that same mac mini. Am I missing something obvious?

I can work out the usual DyDNS, VPN's etc., but it's a connection to the Davis remotely with WeatherCat that I can't sort out.

Advice most welcome.

Serial or IP logger?


--- Quote from: Mattk on September 26, 2016, 04:45:15 PM ---Serial or IP logger?

--- End quote ---

The Davis USB unit, so serial. If I had the WeatherlinkIP unit then I reckon I could reach it directly via TCP/IP, yes?

Oh forgot about USB and no doubt your MB is connected to that? Yes an IP logger would be easy, a serial logger works remotely with something like a Moxa but USB I don't use and don't have any answers on that one, sorry. 

WLIP requires no additional computer unlike USB or serial.


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