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Even though I was an Aviation Weather Observer, it's been a while and today they were also conducting the once per year advanced session so I went ahead and did both. After the basic, I was thinking I wouldn't really learn anything new (other than maybe safety related) in the advanced session, but I have to say I did get a couple of tidbits on radar analysis. Guy teaching it is in love with radar cross section and dual-pol radar so we got into that a bit. He brought up GREarth and GRLevel 2 a few times as well and said he didn't want to offend anyone but we should come buy the NWS office that he could show us a tool that was a thousand times better than either of these. Thinking maybe I'll hit him up for a tour in the near future.

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Yes, congratulations David!

Thanks guys. Weather here has been quiet the last several days so I haven't put it to use yet. Just got an email Thursday with the assigned spotter ID number, although that doesn't really seem to mean anything as you don't need it to make a report from what the NOAA person told us.


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