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BOM (part list) discrepency


While building the amplifier board, I noticed that there were two "L4" inductors on the parts list.

Inductors, ferrite, 5mm L4 470/330 H
Inductors, SMCC L2, L4 3.3mH
SMCC L1, L3 1.5mH

The silkscreen shows the big inductor as L5. This is the round one near the lower RH corner (between the reset button and large electrolytic cap) in this image:

Did anyone else catch this? I am going to email Egon about it.

Greg H.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
Never noticed it, for some strange reason.. I was doing from small to large build, and only had the tall L5 ferrite left, so slapped her right in and kept peddling... Good Catch!..


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