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Cutty Sark Sailor:
As of 730EDT this am, there were 2 Reds up and sending... In Illinois, and mine in KY. ... and both have been pretty much consistent over the last few days. Based on observations and interpolations without any real data, I've got a guestimate of their coverage range as currently configured... No doubt there are erroneous assumptions, but it's all in fun anyway at this point.

Notice how Blitzy Baby in KY was kicking butt! (Well, at least this morning we were... :lol: ) John, you and the other Red Kit holders better get your stuff going if you don't wanta see KY and IL alone toward the top of the detection efficiency.

I have this hunch that the lobes are more ellipsoidal than circular, for some reason, more like the red ellipses...

Using an older version of the toy do i have confirmed strikes from 3300 km away as best. And that with far from optimal installed coax-loops  :lol:

// Henkka


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