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Since many folks are beginning to build the Blitzortung lightning detector wouldn't it be nice to have a separate category just for Blitzortung hardware building information? Doing this BEFORE it gets too much traffic will save everyone time trying to find info on this topic.

Thanks to the mods for considering this suggestion!

Cutty Sark Sailor:

See my poll from before.

I too would like to see Blitzortung, but I would settle for the "other than Boltek" category. There are plenty of other detector technologies out there and there isn't really a good home. Right now we have a hodge-podge of "Lightning" and "Weather Station Photos".....

Greg H.

Why not have a "Lightning Detection Equipment" or something similar under "Weather Station Hardware" and then child boards for "Boltek", "Blitzzortung", etc. That would eliminate the confusion of where to place these kinds of lightning topic specific posts.

I put it below the Boltek board and moved the relevant threads I could find here.



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