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Boltek + Nexstorm + WD + GRLevel3 = Live Radar/Lightning


Thanks to Brian (Weather Display) and his work in exporting data from Nexstorm to a generic format, I've been able to take the data and make a place file for displaying in GRLevel3.

Interestingly, I used the code that Jozef and I developed for the TRAC report graphic.

Again, you have to have:

A Boltek lightning detector
Nexstorm lightning software
Weather Display
GRLevel3 radar software

If you have GRLevel3, you can display my lightning data (at least for now)...

( <- install the trial)

Simply copy/paste this placefile into your manage placefiles:

The PHP code allows for variables. I prefer:

(This says display last 5 minutes of strikes, don't show time shade, but show strike type symbols)

I still need to play with the icons themselves. When I have GRLevel3 save my radar in JPEG, they look like fushiaish blobs. Should be fine for PNG though.

Current data from my Boltek... detecting a storm 220-280 miles away around St. Louis.
So I know this is a super old thread - but, where can I download this script? I can't seem to find it....


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