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3G Mobile Broadband Plans: Some Questions

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The less wireless stuff you have at your remote site the better.  If you can cable it, do so.

Have mulled this over some more and will not be going after the Comcast WiFi - just too much of a hurt on my (college student) budget. But I've done additional searching, and like this:

It looks like it's generally the same USB option offered by many providers, DataJack itself included. Before I got the DataJack MiFi, I was looking to get the DataJack USB - but their response to my email about using it 24/7 guided me instead to the more expensive MiFi unit. Whether they knew what they were talking about in terms of its 24/7 running reliability or not, I probably would've been better off getting the USB option in the first place. At least a USB stick, powered by the USB port, won't have the option to go into "hibernate" mode for no apparent reason, like my MiFi unit has. The USB stick has a dialog window open with a "connect" button that needs to be pressed if the connection is lost, and going off a suggestion made to me in this thread months ago, I could just use Clickoff or something similar to automatically press that button at some interval.

As for why I'd rather switch to TruConnect, rather than stay with DataJack: well, I guess it's clear that I'm fed up with DJ! But there's another advantage to TruConnect, and that's the cost. Service costs a $5 flat fee plus 3.9 cents per MB each month. At my usage (maybe 50-75 MB/month), that comes out to less than the already great $10/month I'm paying DJ for my 200 MB/month plan. $7-$8/month is an incredibly mean deal. Hopefully, this will work!


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