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3G Mobile Broadband Plans: Some Questions

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--- Quote from: Slow Modem on January 18, 2012, 03:22:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: NorthNJwx on January 18, 2012, 02:21:53 PM ---Is this the same type of thing? I can't really tell, but it looks possible:
The problem is, the sticker price is higher and I'd be forced to get a more expensive monthly plan. I doubt I'd go for that, unless it was nearly foolproof.
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I really can't answer that question, as I am unfamiliar.  Your best bet would be to contact them and tell them what you're trying to do.  I'm sure they'd have suggestions, if they have the equipment.

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Good point, and I'll be sending them an email tonight (based on what I've read, they respond to emails diligently). I'm going to inquire about the USB device, since that would be ideal in terms of cost, size, and simplicity. If I can figure out a way to make sure the connection can reestablish itself after interruptions - either via its own software or some third party program - this could be an absolutely great deal.

Also, I found some info on RapidFire upload bandwidth in this thread:

It's stated there by a forum member that the bandwidth usage w/RapidFire is roughly 0.9 KB every 3 seconds. I calculated that for monthly usage, and came up with 784.69 MB/month - well above the 200 MB limit of the $10/month plan. I definitely don't think RapidFire is necessary, though, and would probably have decided against it anyway (For archiving purposes, I much prefer the 10-min vector average wind direction/10-min average wind speed/10-min peak gust Cumulus uploads to WU in non-RapidFire mode to the much less useful instantaneous wind data that gets archived every 5 minutes using RapidFire).

I got a response to the email I sent a couple days ago regarding whether or not the USB device would reestablish connections. Tech support didn't address the USB device, but did point me at one of the other devices they offer (a mobile hotspot). Here's the response I got:

--- Quote ---The MiFi 2200 device will automatically re-establish connectivity if it were to go down, I would also recommend getting the 5gig plan to start and understand what type of usage you will be incurring.
--- End quote ---

I didn't say anything about how much data I'll need in my email, so I'm going to go ahead and ignore the 5GB data plan suggestion (hey, they gotta make money). I'm sticking with the cheap 200 MB that I'll only use a tiny percentage of, thanks!  ;)

This is the device that Tech Support pointed me to. It's a bit more expensive (the hardware, that is) than the USB option, but the monthly rate is the same. Since it can reestablish its own connection, it sounds perfect:

I plan on purchasing this soon, and setting it up at the remote location in early Feb. I was just there to check on it yesterday, and the computer/Cumulus were running flawlessly after about a month since I'd been there last.

I received the DataJack MiFi 2200 this week, and went to the remote site to set it up today. All is working great so far!

Here is my station's WU page:

OK!  Looks good   =D&gt;

I hope it works like you want it to!  :)


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