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Hi All,

Got this information from our NWS Office.

Check out the new online weather spotter training provided by MetEd (Meteorology Education).  This is an opportunity to expand your meteorological knowledge and hone your weather spotter skills!

The MetEd website provides education and training resources to benefit the operational forecaster community, university atmospheric scientists and students, and anyone interested in learning more about meteorology, weather forecasting, and related geoscience topics. MetEd is populated and maintained by the COMET® Program, which is part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's (UCAR's) Community Programs (UCP). The MetEd website is made possible by the sponsors of the COMET® Program.

--Stan Y.
   Maui, Hawaii

  That is an excellent site for information and studying various weather topics. Haven't been there much since I'm taking the Penn State Forecasting courses.....


    Looks interesting.  I will have to check it out in more detail later.  Thanks!

Thanks!  Be checking it out soon.  And if it's's for me!!!!!

G-R-E-A-T! Its got a ton of material and its free! It must be Christmas! (Well, almost ;))


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