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What Do you learn in skywarn training

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The Garden Meterologist:
I'm taking the skywarn training class tomarrow night. first timer here. What do learn in class?

   I have not taken the course but I have one of their publications.  You basicly learn how to identify and report severe weather.  How to identify wall-clouds, funnel clouds, tornadoes, and whether there is rotation in the storm.  You also learn the basics of how storms work and  storm safety.
   Someone who has been through it can give you more specifics.

The Garden Meterologist:
Thanks for the info.

W Thomas:
Pretty much everything Mark has already said but in this area they try to show a slide or two of actual severe weather that has taken place in the CWA that way it sort of give the attendees an idea of what they should be looking for looks in like in this area..if this makes any sense :lol:

I really enjoy the classes and try to catch one every year if I can.. I know it's an over kill but I enjoy talking one on one with the guys from our WFO.. Usually we do that over the phone or such.

The Garden Meterologist:
Just came back from the class Excellent learing about violent weather in our area. :lol: :lol:


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