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I haven't seen anything about remote weather monitoring via APRS so I started this topic.

APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) provides amateur radio operators a simple and convenient way to retrieve data from a remote weather station. All you need is an APRS compatible weather station, an APRS modem, a VHF tranceiver and antenna. Davis and Peet Brothers make stations that work well with APRS.

I have a Davis VP2 at 2200' on Sauratown Mountain, NC about 10 miles from and 1200' higher than my home location. The station is at a 2 way radio site. There is power available but no phone or Internet. I can receive data from this station at home or mobile with no monthly fees or subscriptions. I can also view the data via the Internet. The weather data for this station can be viewed at this URL.


I am in the process of installing another VP2 linked via APRS on Pop's Peak in Fancy Gap, VA. The anemometer will be mounted on top of a 60' tower so it will feel the full force of the wind blowing across the mountain. Wind gusts of over 100 mph have been recorded on I-77 about three miles to the West. I will post the URL when the station is online.

Anyone else out there using APRS for weather data?

Have used the APRS streamed data capability to a dial-up real-time voice system which basically negated the need to do all the loop reading stuff, just read the ascii strings as most of the date I wanted existed in the APRS output. So it's not really using the APRS logger specifically for what it is designed.   

I got involved with APRS just so I could see the weather conditions at home on the screen of my radio while driving around in my truck.

My CWOP ID is AP204 (the 204th one issued) and there now seem to be about 11,300 stations, so that's an indicator of how long I've been doing it.

 Until the weather programs got more sophisticated and APRS-aware and VVP came out, I used a B&B serial Data Tap to split the Davis data into 2 streams, and had 2 serial ports on my computer, one for WinAPRS for the weather reporting, and one for VWS for the computer/Internet.

That led me to install a digi on Tassajera Peak in the Los Padres NF, which filled in a huge gap between Santa Barbara County and Monterey County, CA. I suppose that digi must have been up for +/- 10 years now.

Pops Peak, Fancy Gap, VA APRS weather station is online.


Installer mounting Davis anemometer on top of 60' tower.

Davis wireless Vantage Pro 2 with 24 hour FARS. The station is mounted on a
left over Direcway (now HughesNet) satellite dish mount.

Davis console, APRS radio and modem, radio power supply.

Is there any particular reason for using a console in this type of setup? Do people on site need to view the data etc


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