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Chit-Chat / Re: Anyone into Bird Watching also?
« Last post by Fox_Of_The_Wind on Today at 09:28:02 PM »
A friend showed this to me a few months ago. You take a Raspberry PI, hook up a microphone,
install some software on it, and you have a bird sound recognition device.

It's called BirdNET-PI and it is pretty cool. If you've tried the Merlin Bird ID app from Cornell University,
it's pretty much the same thing. It documents it all and analyzes all the sounds. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Here's a little bit about BirdNET-PI

This is real time recognition of the birds in my back yard.

THis looks neat. Thanks for finding it!
Davis did an update to fix an Airlink bug and it defaulted to IOS 14 as minimum operating system. 

Davis says fix is in the works.
WeatherCloud / Re: Weathercloud vs Wunderground
« Last post by Wuthering_Heights on Today at 07:25:16 PM »
I submit my data to WeatherCloud via their api every 10 minutes. I just checked the last 2 days and there is a reading every 10 minutes.

Well yes, I know it works for some people. I am seeking a solution why it stopped doing so for me.

Sending to WeatherCloud from what hardware?

Logia LOWSC710SWB. I just deleted the station altogether and readded it and the same problem is recurring. Wunderground is still working fine though.
What the ... My uploads are obviously now going out, but my WL log says NOTHING is going out.  This is a new one. :???:
Welp, here we go again, except now, it doesn't upload anything, ever. All failures. I added the other addresses from above, and none are going through. Rebooted the planet as usual. Now what....  :mad:
WeeWX Software / Re: Why is my PWS page not updating any more
« Last post by vinceskahan on Today at 03:55:04 PM »
Do some searching in the weewx-users google group.  There are lots of threads about this.
WeatherCloud / Re: Weathercloud vs Wunderground
« Last post by Mattk on Today at 03:43:57 PM »
Sending to WeatherCloud from what hardware?
I think Iím curious as to what component failed.  Iíll just take it apart and see.  They were really good with the wh4x rain cup last month, I will not bother them with this one.
My ultimate solution was going with WeatherLink Live.  The result wasn't as elegant as what I could do with the WL software, but it kept the website alive, and visitors didn't seem to care.  It was easy to use and simple to implement.  The iOS/iPadOS apps are very nice, and in the end would have been much cheaper to implement.  I have also changed my original premise, that Davis has failed Mac users.

First, I am neither an Apple nor a Microsoft groupie.  All I want is to just sit down and get my stuff done.  After 8 months struggling with the Mac mini, I eagerly and joyfully returned to Windows.  For me, everything seemed more difficult on the Mac, more steps, more menus, bizarre keystroke combos, and lots of Googling.  Since I use iPads and an iPhone, I thought switching to a Mac would allow everything to work together.  That turned out to be not true at all.  Compared to a Logitech, the Magic Keyboard was the worst I've ever used.  The Magic Mouse was really a track pad trying to be a mouse.  It did neither job very well.  Both were exploitatively overpriced, and had the habit of going dead without warning and needing recharging.  I looked at alternatives, but reviews indicated that after a MacOS update or two, Apple would boot them off.  Nice company. 

After this experience, it's not Davis who has failed Mac users, it's Apple who has failed Davis users.

Thanks to everyone for your interest.
It has stopped transmitting all together now.  I will swap out batteries again tonight and wait for my purchased replacement.  This one lasted 13 months =(.  At least the rain cup had the decency to die at 12 months and ecowitt replaced.
you can still try your luck. Ecowitt often tend to be generous with warranty replacements even though not obliged to be.
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