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VirtualVP showing disconnected in System Tray

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I'm doing some major work the connection code, so I'll keep an eye out for the tray issue. I have not noticed that myself.

On the larger issue of lost connections, that is one I've rolled around for awhile. I need to walk a fine line between VirtualVP being obnoxious, popping things up too often, and being able to convey events that should be noted. For a number of reasons, most outside the control of VirtualVP, connection between the PC and the VP console sometimes get interrupted. Sometimes it's fairly permanent (like the USB issue) and sometimes temporary. The next version of VirtualVP will periodically retry indefinitely if connection is lost instead of permanently giving up after unsuccessfully resending a command several times, and then trying to disconnect and reconnect. The problem though, is that VirtualVP might recover this way, but the connected weather programs likely will give up or lock up if they stop getting data. I'd like to add some other means of optional notificaiton like a single alert message box, or restoring from the tray and turning the VirtualVP window some vivid color. Email notification would also be nice.

I'm running the release version of VirtualVP (same as y'all) for my own weather station. It's running on a dedicated older laptop connected to a VP2 via a serial datalogger. Looking at the log file, it's been about a month since I've a had a connection issue, but I don't remember the details now, and VirtualVP's been running without interruption since July 11 when I restarted the system after installing Microsoft updates. I had more connection problems when I was using the USB datalogger (which I now have on the VP1 console I use specifically for software testing).

I could use the email option because I rarely ever look at the computer screen. I've got it set up for super minimal energy consumption. The screen and disk drive power down after 1 minute, and all the weather programs and data files that get frequent access are on a thumb drive. A nice freeware backup program backs up my data files via ftp to a remote site. So the whole setup sits quietly doing its thing with little intervention or notice (weather here's been really boring).


Mark / Ohio:

--- Quote from: "tinplate" ---..... The problem though, is that VirtualVP might recover this way, but the connected weather programs likely will give up or lock up if they stop getting data. ......
--- End quote ---

Glad you found us Steve!   :D

Also some programs probably don't download archive data without a restart even if they do recover after a disconnect.  I'm thinking that would be the case with my VWS for one.

Hey, there's another reason for VVP to be able to restart a program.   :wink:

Just to be clear....

My problem appeared to be confusion between what the system tray indicated as the connection status (disconnected) while the reality was that VirtualVP was working just fine. When I "maximized" VirtualVP it showed as connected which it was. It was only when it was minimized to the sytem tray that it provided the false "disconnected" status.


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