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VirtualVP showing disconnected in System Tray

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I'm currently seeing VirtualVP showing that it's disconnected when minimized to the system tray. Everything is working fine though and if I expand it it shows connected. Minimize it and it shows disconnected, but it's not because everything is working just fine.


Anyone else seeing this?

Nope, but thanks for the tickler. After I read this, I checked mine, and, based on my webpage, it died shortly after 1:59PM PDT today. I've since restarted it.

Mark / Ohio:
I've never seen that Anole.

In the past it has only disconnected a couple of times on earlier versions.  I believe both times I had another program running a process that either hung or slowed things way down when it happened.  One time I think was MS aintispyware doing a scan.  I've since blocked it from scanning the directories with weather programs running.  The other I think was due to an AVG update that hung.

FYI...  I'm running a serial connection to the VP.

Restart fixed it. I didn't want to restart earlier because it looked like we were about to get a big storm.

Had VirtualVP do the same thing to me today for the first time causing system to be down for over three hours, but everything started back up when I clicked on connect.


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