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Anyone want to install a lightning rod?

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Mark / Ohio:
Well, it'll be a little more complicated of a job than that.   :lol:

I received this today in my NASA news letter subscription:

RELEASE: 19-07


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA on Monday issued a request for proposals
for the construction of a lightning protection system at Launch Pad
39B in support of the Constellation Program and the next generation
of space vehicles.

The request for proposals outlines work to be performed in fabricating
and erecting three 600-foot-tall self-supporting structural steel
towers, and installing a suspended overhead wire system with
associated conductors and electrical grounds. The proposals are due
to the Kennedy Space Center on June 6 and a contract is expected to
be awarded in August.

The system will support launches of the Ares I and Ares V boosters,
their spacecraft and cargos throughout the life of the program. The
first Ares I launch from Pad 39B with the new system in place will be
the second Ares I flight test in 2012.

This project, along with several other Constellation initiatives, was
reviewed for environmental compliance as required under the National
Environmental Policy Act and found to not produce significant
environmental impacts. NASA published an environmental assessment in
late March for public and regulatory agency review and received no
adverse comments.

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Good idea seeing that the Shuttle is the lightning rod as of now....

Mark / Ohio:
I thought they already had a lightning protection system like that.  So I did some digging and found this:

I assume one of the storms damaged it or they are just upgrading it due to age.  

what do rods run these days? price wise and would i need more than one on my home?

Mark / Ohio:

--- Quote from: "kruzzen" ---what do rods run these days? price wise and would i need more than one on my home?
--- End quote ---

Yes, you would need more than one.  The number would depend on how big and the style of your home.  Don't quote me on it but I think I read somewhere the cost to have them professionally installed was typically in the $2,000 - $4,000 range for the average home.  I think professional installation is the way to go.  If you miscalculate something or don't do it right they can cause more harm than good.

Here's a government document geared towards farm protection but it gives a lot of good information:


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