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I have this unit

It is about 2.5 years old, and just started playing up.

The outdoor unit is not sending data, although the indoor unit works fine. Here is the indoor screen

The outdoor unit sometimes shows ---- or defaults to Er

I have reset and changed batteries, all to no avail.

The unit also has a reset button on the bottom of the outdoor unit, and a red led to show it is working, however, since day 1, I have never seen that outdoor red led light once.

As it is now, I cannot be even sure it is actually transmitting.

I brought the unit indoors, and opened it up, and naturally, the inside components were full of ants and their debris. This photo after cleaning.

I cleaned it all out fully, also blowing air through all the insides to ensure it was now emptied from the muck. It made no difference, it would still not connect.

I then used some Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% to clean the top face of the motherboard. Please see under

Again, no changes.

I bumped the motherboard numbers into google, hoping something might direct me towards persons with the same or similar problems, however, no result. Despite searching everywhere, it seems there are no links to buy simple spare parts for these devices. I did think there would be a generic manufacturer somewhere on Alibuy/Alibaba/AliExpress etc, but I see nothing. Assuming there must be millions of these worldwide, it appears, that once they have a malfunction, they simply then become landfill, due to no spares?

I was wondering if anyone here would have any ideas/information of how to test whether the board concerned is emitting any info at all, and possibly, how I could determine that?

I do have a multimeter, and perhaps someone could suggest to me what settings to put it on, and where to place the probes?

Thank you


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