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PWS not searchable on Wunderground

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Hi All,

Iím new to the forum here.  I have a PWS registered at Wunderground with the station ID of KKYGEORG112:

Even though the station is clearly public, I can only see it by typing in the url.  I canít find it by searching the station ID in the app.  Moreover, when I try to search for KKYGEORG112 using the Wunderground app or in a browser, the station KKYGEORG62 comes up, which is what the station ID used to be before I moved and re-registered it.  And clicking on KKYGEORG62 doesnít show any data. 

I can see the station on the map, but clicking on it and attempting it to favorite isnít working.  Any help would be appreciated, since I would like to open the Wunderground app on my phone and have it go directly to my PWS.  Do I need to delete the device and re-add it??


Some pages stored in a memory cache may cause similar issues.

And sometimes these things work fine after being on line for some time.

Do you mean that it might be a local device (e.g. phone, ipad) problem - pages stored in a memory cache there?  The problem does persist across multiple devices.  And the PWS has been online in this manner for probably a month now.  How could I clear the memory cache, if that is indeed the problem?

Maybe one or two devices with same cache is plausible but not over several.

Strange. I can search it in mobile browsers.

Same search issue you have in the app.

When I scrolled the map in the Android App, and clicked on the station, and chose View Forecast, it was then visible in my Favorites/Recents list. I tapped the star and made it a favorite.

Thank you for your response.

I had the same search issue on a laptop device, but I was able to see the station on the map and add it as a favorite.  I found that if I deleted the app on my iPhone and iPad and then re-installed it, the issue was resolved.  I still canít search the station using the search feature (KKYGEORG62 still pops up, but not KKYGEORG112), but I could favorite the station by finding it in the map.  I donít dare click on the KKYGEORG62 station from the search, because Iím afraid that will mess things up again.

Thank you for your help!  I think Iím good to go now.


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