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First of all, I search the form and online to find a answer to my question. Logged a question/remark at weatherground itself, no reply.

Can any one tell me if this problem s raised before and an answer is given, why do the weekly and monthly graphs do not show the cumulative value of rain (sorry ..  :shock: precipitation) values. I would like to know what those values areÖ I know I can review/retrieve the raw data and calculate it my self, but thatís beside the point.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
I quit fooling with wunderweenies years ago... 
I don't know if you participate in the below, since I don't know where you're located,.. but

I want my ACCURATE, Human reported precip, liquid or frozen with interactive graphs, I now go to ( a 14 day example)

If I want accurate 'water balance summary', for my location, during non-winter, when I report ET,
I use

For less reliable 'electronic reporting', with no snow, etc...
I'll go to

and setup the appropriate graphs / tables.

Tanks for the response! Iím 61 year old, and not very handy on this forum stuff  #-o
Iím bases in the Netherlands EU, on the other side of the bigg pond.

So if I understand correctly you suggest extract the dataset (or link it) and go to an other application for reporting.
The wunderground application was the one option given to me when I got the weather station. Apparently there are other optionÖ


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