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Can't Find My Station in Weather Underground

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I have two stations, KWVWHEEL83 and KWVWHEEL84 . 83 can be found in the search box on the app but 84 cannot be found making it impossible for me or anyone to view it on the app. On my laptop it shows up in my devices section and I can view it and it says it is online but I need to be able to view it from the app. It has been online for 48 hours now. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you use the map to find it? My station (KPAKUTZT35) has been unable to be found via search for over a year. It can be found on the map and it shows up perfectly well in my list of stations. I have never been able to solve the issue and multiple emails to support have gone unanswered. I have unfortunately given up.

Yes it does show up on the map and in my list of stations. It does not show up in the search. I thought maybe it was just me. I wanted to save it as a favorite but I cannot do that either. I either have to go to the map or the list of devices page to get it. Thanks for your information, it is very helpful. I did, however, save the web link to the station as an app on my phone and can now go straight to it that way. Thanks again!

I use the app on my iPhone and iPad and have my station saved as a favorite. IIRC I had to open the app, use the map to find the station and then save it as a fav. Itís been awhile since I did it though so not 100% certain of the process but I did eventually get it to save as a fav.

I do a similar thing, but I use the MS Edge browser on my iphone and ipad. To do it you go to the lower right 3 dashes and click on it, click share, and then add to home screen and name it. It puts it in a nice little WU icon.


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