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Digitech XC0434 temperature/ humidity sensor replacment.


Hi all,

I am trying to find out if anyone knows what  temperature/ humidity sensor a "Digitech XC0434" weather station uses.

My unit is only just out of warranty and it appears the temp sensor has stooped working (wind and rain are working), i know it is a 4 pin sensor but it is epoxied into a housing bracket making it impossible to remove.
It appears to be an SHT85 but i'm unsure.

The external weather also station appears to be the same as the "Nylex 5 In 1 Pro Wireless Weather Station" so i think they are the same unit just re branded.

Apologies is this is to vague or in the wrong section, its my first post here after some reading so please let me know if i need to move my post.


I am in Australia, and I think my post may be of help.

I recently asked the Australian importer of these units whether replacement parts were available ....

I received this reply today...
Thank you for your enquiry.
I have checked, however we do not have the part you are asking about for sale separately.
And as for the manufacturer information, so sorry we don't have that on hand.
And if we request that from the product team, most likely the answer would be: For privacy reason, we cannot disclose that piece of information.
We are adding more parts to our range all the time, and are expecting a larger range of parts to be available over the next few months to cater for demand.
But unfortunately, no spare part for this XC0434.
If you would like more assistance, please visit any nearby Jaycar or RTM store and have them assist in person, as they may have a unit that can have parts removed from it for you.

In my case, I purchased a Holman Wifi analyst model from bunnings, and the old Digitech indoor screen also works with that

I hope this may help you?


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