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Restart using Weewx and hardware upgrade


I have an Ambient ws-1001 array that I was using with Weewx to post to wunderground. I also siphoned off some weather data that was displayed as an overlay on my webcams.

The original console died and I replaced it with a ws-2000 console. At that time, I lost the ability for weewx to get the weather data from the console. I'd like to restart using weewx again.

Right now, my ws-1001 array is giving me problems. For the last 9 months or so it will disconnect from the console and then reconnect later. I thought it was the battery and I've replaced them 3 times in the last 9 months - they should last longer. The disconnection is usually at night but I've noticed it will sometimes reconnect 2 hours before sunrise so it must not be a battery issue. Right now it has been down for several days and not reconnecting. I've rebooted the console and no help. I have not climbed up on the roof to check the array and not sure if that would help.

Because of the apparent failure (and age) of the array I'm looking to replace the whole system. And then get weewx working again. I have liked the Ambient products but it seems their support for Wundergound and Weewx has decreased since they introduced their own cloud service. If I had an $$$ I'd go with Davis but I my price cap is around $250US. Will any of the current Ambient models work with Weewx? If not, I'm looking at the EcoWitt HP2551 (I like the external indoor sensor).  I'd like to add a lightning sensor too which will push the Ecowitt up to my max.

BTW, the hardware list on the weewx site is woefully out of date to the point of being useless.

Thanks for your help.


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