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--- Quote from: johnd on March 18, 2023, 03:38:25 PM ---Not trying to say that the 6313 is necessarily the best forecast data (though I guess that forecast quality must have been one key factor for Davis), but simply that the 6313 is the only AWS console I'm aware of that brings professionally modelled forecast data right to the console screen. Maybe other people are aware of some additional choices, but I wouldn't count Zambretti/pressure-based forecasts in the same league.

--- End quote ---

There is also Tempest Weather with their NearCast Technology:

OK, there is no dedicated console for Tempest Weather. But I can use any iPad/Android tablet with their mobile app or web view..

Forecast for each Tempest Weather Station is simply available over web, even without login..  Example for Faro, PT:

You can select other weather station locations:

Also I found that forecast is available for each weather station owner over public API.. no fees attached..

There is home assistant component for tempest, which can sync sensors actual data and weather forecast.


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