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I have been looking to buy my husband a new weather station and wanted to spend around the 150-300 mark, ideally nearer 200. He has had for many years I think an Aercus Instruments WS1093 Touchscreen Weather Station which was cheap and cheerful and lasted for years but now the wind measure doesnt work properly any more so hence my wanting to get him a new one for Christmas, although I now wish I hadnt started looking. It seems many people on here rave about Ecowitt (or the various rebadged options). I have been looking into them, unfortunately it seems they are really only through Amazon in the UK and the prices fluctuate by the day. I was thinking of the following until the price hiked by 26.00 last week and then a further 44.00 over night to 290 so now wouldn't buy that now knowing its been so much cheaper in the last week :(

The biggest problem I am finding with Ecowitt apart from the frequent price changes & the rubbish 1 year warranty is that I can make no sense of their model numbers. Even the matrix on the sticky thread doesnt help this query. what is the difference between these two models below. The pictures are slightly different in that one shows the metal pole, the other difference appears to be the the wind direction sensor is on the top of one and on the bottom of the other. There is no model number for this array to be able to research the differences. has anyone come across this before is one array older or cheaper than the other. Ecowitt EU should list ALL the part numbers on their pages on Amazon otherwise you have no idea what you are buying.


Also the other issue I have is that the Ecowitt consoles run on mains, so what happens in a power cut. All these consoles seems so outdated for the kit. I appreciate many people use their laptops and phones but the reason we have a weather station in the first place is for an instance glance on the kitchen wall.

Bresser seems to get slated on here, can I ask why, they seem to have a far better warranty - 3years, dont appear to be re-badged generic chinese hardware (although I maybe wrong) and their consoles look to be better although now wont arrive in time for Christams.  Were Davis a better price and has a decent console/display I would go for them but they are way beyond our price point with displays that belong to the early 1990's.

May have to give up on this as being a bad idea. :(

I had also asked Ecowitt re a couple of my question listed in the previous post

Got a reply promptly which was great but were very unhelpful. So they wont be getting my hard earned cash. So any other recommendations would be welcome


--- Quote from: Pickers on December 20, 2022, 06:03:42 AM ---I had also asked Ecowitt re a couple of my question listed in the previous post

Got a reply promptly which was great but were very unhelpful. So they wont be getting my hard earned cash. So any other recommendations would be welcome

--- End quote ---

Can I suggest who stock ecowitt and all their competitors and can advise  for your particular situation

The store is really just a warehouse outlet, good if you know what you want

On the console front if you want ot to work during power cuts you will need to invest in some sort of UPS. Do you really need that capability or can you just wait for the power to be restored and it will sort itself out?

thanks so much for the info, had already looked at weatherspares but their prices are basically the full RRP and their delivery dates are post Christmas.

Ive now pretty much given up anyway as a bad idea. I really dont like the fact that everything seems to come out of the same factory and just gets re badged - there doesnt appear to be any original manufacturer hardware May just get another very cheap one and wait until someone brings out something new and innovative, think my old one was under 100 and lasted for many, many years, really nothing much has changed other than wifi capability since I bought my last one which is amazing considering there wernt smart phones when I bought that

I think the issues is that there are not a whole load of manufacturers in the hobby end of the market. If you want a system which has battery backup and a logging mechanism and all at a cheap price then you are out of luck. A Davis system does all you want apart from having a rather old style console but you have to pay for it.

Adding loggers and battery backup will increase the price of all the Fine Offset (Ecowitt etc) clones probably quite a lot. Many people use the cloud now and use phones or tablets to display their data from the cloud and many of these solutions allow flexibility. You can add battery backup in the form of a UPS as has been mentioned but that needs to cope with your router as well with these systems as the cloud is the only way to archive easily. You either buy cheap and cope or expensive and have everything you want.



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