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Why so many transmitters in Madison County, KY?

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I can usually reach alot of NWR stations up in higher elevations and even past a mountain chain, but the county isn't split up by windward and leeward areas. The county is fine with only 1 transmitter. It reaches all areas needed, but the coverage is ridicules. It's not like a super tall mountain splits the county and dims the coverage to only one side. I just don't get it.

Also, that's FM. Very different band from NWR. FM is spotty anyway, it's meant for smaller coverage unlike AM. NWR is more like AM than FM and less like CB.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
I'm going to suggest a couple of reasons. Those are low-power, 100W transmitters.  The 'main' area 1000 watt transmitter is listed as 'Lexington'.  NOAA puts those smaller transmitters to 'get into' certain poor reception areas, and there LOTS of (holes) in an around the area, including the KY River, etc.  Now, why:
The Richmond Army Depot. (Bluegrass) ... 'targeted' areas and AARS receivers . Old Nerve gas is destroyed there, and there are other things that go boom.  You sure want shelter in place or evacuate notifications to reach those hard to reach places.. Especially if there's a University with about 17K students, and a major N/S interstate highway nearby. BTW NWR is narrowband FM transmission. The WFO is Louisville.

10/14/22... Yep: Follow up --

Look at the coverage area of these transmitters though:
Are those really 100W transmitters? I'm terrible with math, so I can't really tell with the Wattage to Distance ratio.

You seem overly concerned about something over 300 miles away from you.  If you're not getting the answers you somehow feel you deserve, get in your car and drive there to ask them in person.

And I only see three, two of which are in the county, and one of those is primarily for Lexington.

I'm not overly concerned with it, I'm just very curious considering the amount of transmitters in one specific area. Why would 1 county have so many transmitters? Madison County has 5 transmitters in total: WWF82A-B-C-D and KIH41. Also, who would I talk to if I were go down there?


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