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What NOAA Weather Radio stations can you get in your area?

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Well, I have a question: would you be able to stream any of the closer stations you get really good too?

Hayden M:
I have been considering it for a while, but haven't really tried to put something together for it. I do have a couple small receivers...a Midland ER-210 and Ambient Weather WR-111B...that I could use and another computer that I could connect one of them to in another room. I'll see what I can come up over the next day or so. I'll have that receiver tuned to WXL95 to allow for a broader coverage area to be available to the Users of the Internet if all goes well.

Hayden M:
I did some experimentation last night and this morning, but streaming WXL95...or any other station...doesn't seem to be feasible at the moment. The computer that I was going to hook up a receiver to causes significant interference whenever it is on. I am not exactly sure what causes it, but I don't want to dig around in the computer to find out right now. Also, plugging in a cable, whether into the headphone jack or the USB port to charge the radio, causes interference in the smaller receivers that I have. I don't have any bigger radios other than the ones that I use for in-home warning purposes and the one I use to stream WWF56...and that one has an antenna from a broken Midland WR-120 attached to the original antenna, and both are fully extended. I'll do a little more tinkering but I don't think it will help much.

My guess is that most issues are ground loop related. My stream is as clean as I can get it but some us still there.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
Tips on noise, etc...
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