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Gaylord, Michigan Tornado of May 20, 2022

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This page, by NWS.

--- Quote ---The Gaylord NWS has posted this page covering yesterday's severe storm that come through Northern Michigan.

--- End quote ---

Has been updated with track maps, EF3 rating, path data, etc.

Greg H.


--- Quote from: CW2274 on May 21, 2022, 08:03:13 PM ---I just read that it was rated, surprisingly to me, as an EF3.  The few pics I saw didn't do it justice. Don't see that every day in MI, let alone way up north in the state.

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Reading Miraculon's link about the updated path etc a lot of things came together for this to happen.

interesting information

I thought that I would add a couple of screen grabs from GR2Analyst showing hook echoes during the Gaylord tornado.

The "...1946..." time stamp is when it was west of I-75 and the "...1954..." one is east of the expressway.

Greg H.


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