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Gaylord, Michigan Tornado of May 20, 2022

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The Gaylord NWS has posted this page covering yesterday's severe storm that come through Northern Michigan.

The storm track was south of here about 10-15 miles. (16-24km) The tornado came down right in the city of Gaylord. Fortunately, it missed the NWS office and radar site, so the warnings were able to keep coming. I was monitoring GRLevel3 (with AH feed) during the storm. Gaylord is in the middle of the northern part of the lower peninsula, we are on the Lake Huron shoreline to the east, so the tornado itself was some distance away from here.

There was large hail nearby, but we did not get any here where I live. We have had severe storms in the past, but a direct hit on a town like this is highly unusual.

Greg H.

Unfortunately 2 people died and 44 were injured.  :sad:


--- Quote from: ocala on May 21, 2022, 10:57:58 AM ---Unfortunately 2 people died and 44 were injured.  :sad:

--- End quote ---

I hadn't heard about the 2nd death yet until your post.

Greg H.

I just read that it was rated, surprisingly to me, as an EF3.  The few pics I saw didn't do it justice. Don't see that every day in MI, let alone way up north in the state.

I really thought that they should've issued the warning a few scans earlier as radar showed heavy signs of inlet notch. I wasn't the only one that though this. A couple of the mets from WOOD TV thought this as well.



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