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Old Standard MK-lll Parts?


We have an old standard (not LR) MK-lll that has run okay over the last ten years.  Replaced the battery last year.  Yesterday no radio transmission.   We have two receivers and an IP-100.  No signal coming in.  Tried Rainwise and no answer.  Their website notice states that they are moving from Maine to Pennsylvania probably means contact is going to be difficult (more than usual).  Does anyone know if there are any parts available for the old MK-lll units?    Any tips or tricks for radio transmission going out?  We do not want to replace all the components (Oracle display, IP-100 )that are required for a new LR.  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank-you

I think that the last time I talked with Mark (?) that he was sort of emphatic that there were no parts for the original series, and implied that the LR models were in so many different types (same designation, vastly different boards inside) that it would be a lucky chance to get something that worked.

I asked if there were any old boards that people had sent in for fixing or units that could be canabalized to get one working system and he wasn't hopeful, in fact again sort of emphatic that the type of stations were a thing of the past, no parts, no repair.

I have a bunch of old stations from the last decade of eBaying collecting and am in the same boat.  I have a sometimes works/sometimes not LR station I'd like to get going again (I have one with poor wind direction function) and three old non-LR stations, along with about a half dozen displays for the Non LR.  The display for Oracles is the same, with a different receivers AND a different EPROM on board.  Years ago I bought a new EPROM for a non-LR station and put it in, and replaced the long antenna receiver with the little stub antenna receiver and it is still working.  But what's on the EPROM is anyone's guess and the availability of the black box receiver is rapidly waning; I've not seen on on eBay in awhile.

Too bad since these were good systems, and the display was relatively unique, especially in this day and age of everything LCD.


Thanks very much for the input Dale.    We were not hopeful.  We started with the WS2000 and then thru two MK lll.   This last one has had some parts replaced over the years and has been stable the last 8 years or so.  We were very bummed when it just stopped transmitting the other day. 

Totally agree.  They were good units and the red LED display was easy to read.  It is going to be tough to let it go.   

Do you have a frequency analyzer you can tune to the transmit frequency to see if there is a telemetry burst every now and then?  I have no idea if the weakest part is the board, or the transmitter.  I had not gotten around to it, but the one I have taken apart has a relatively simple transmitter on a circuit board with the antenna held on with a nut, so maybe there is something there.  I would assume it is easier to fix a lower frequency transmitter than to figure out where on the main board something failed.

When I get a chance this spring, I'm going to try to see if I can figure out where the fault is with this one unit.
  I'm hoping it is the transmitter.

We do not have an analyzer.   We got the unit down off the roof.   We have the circuit board with antenna removed.  We have an electronic fix it shop here and the guys do some old radio and ham work.  We are going to take the board into them and see if they can tell anything.  Let you know if we find out any work arounds.

Pretty sad to see the tripod empty on the roof and the display blank. 


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