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Uploading data to Windy from Ecowitt HP2551

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--- Quote from: marcosimonetti on March 08, 2023, 09:25:32 AM ---1) I could use CumulusMX on which I inserted the Windy API but unfortunately I was not able to connect my weather station natively.

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Do you mean Cumulus MX could not preform the upload?
Were you running CMX on a raspberry Pi? - there is a known issue with the certificates in the Rasberry Pi OS that prevents uploads to Windy, see this support thread (there are other similar ones)

No, I can't upload weather station data to Cumulus... I use it on W10 (I saw the post you sent me... thanks! but since Apr22 it hasn't been fixed?)
in fact, I was wondering if there is a third-party SW to make Cumulus work with HP2564
surely it would be much more convenient if there was an online service that did this job every 5 minutes:
receive Json --> select data --> create Upload request to Windy

on cumulus I tried the configurations:
- HTTP (Ecowitt)
- Ecowitt Local API
but they don't work... is the gateway needed?

The 2551 has to be configured as "HTTP (Ecowitt)"

You also need to configure the custom server on your console. The config page gives you the settings.


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