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Why is no one talking about Weather Radio Canada Services being Shutdown

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Why can't I Find anyone talking about Environment Canada shutting down their weather radio services. This is a REALLY Important topic right now! They are going to shutdown 48 transmitters!! They want people to rely on their app and not everyone has a phone or the app so people have no other way to get alerts about potential severe weather or tornados. They said that they will be shutting down their services 6 months from now! I Don't live in Canada but this is still a big issue.

Where did you see that news?

Looking at doesn't show that announcement...

Yes where did you see this information?


Ahh, so they're talking about discontinuing up to 48 of the 240 EC transmitters, and not the whole network (at this time).  Looks like they're open to comments before the EC decides, so Canadians (esp Nova Scotians) should let the EC know they want it to remain.


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