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Can I fix my WR-300 Version 5?


I picked up a WR-300 Version 5 yesterday for $2. Not having any way to test it, I brought it home, and was severely dissapointed by the fact that it doesn't pick up the NOAA frequency near here. My other radios (a WR-120 and a WR-100) both pick it up just fine. Several people have told me that this is an issue with this version of radio. Is there any way I can fix it my myself, or should I  replace this radio with something else?

It sounds to me like this WR-300 is fried or has the notorious "death screech" that the version 4 and 5 WR-100s, and WR-300s share. Basically it's a problem where some sort of radio receiver within the radio dies and renders the radio completely useless for warning purposes. The antenna should still be able to be easily removed from the radio by unscrewing the outside shell and removing whatever screw holds the antenna assembly down, as that can be used on another radio, and I'd harvest any other parts from the old thing you can. But as for repairing it it's not economical or possible I dont think, you would be better off buying a WR-400 if you want a "deluxe" radio like the WR-300.


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