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--- Quote from: galfert on February 27, 2020, 10:56:45 AM ---Check the Time Offset:;area=theme

If you click on the (auto detect) link it should fill in the correct time zone. If it is incorrect you can override it manually. But if it does auto detect incorrectly then you probably have the wrong time on your computer also. So perhaps start by checking the time on your computer.

--- End quote ---

Done.  Fixed.

But is this responsive to DST adjustments at the site or locally?  Or do I have to keep an eye out for these changes and manually redo the auto detect thing?

One thing to notice is the time offset is not related to UTC or similar but would appear to be relative to the some "Local Forum Time"?

Thanks Matt, yes, that means there will be four changes/year for DST, two here, two at the site.  If it was UTC, I assume that would cut it down to two, both at my end.  Not a big deal, it is only an hour or two, but the neat freak in me would like to see it tied to my computer's time.


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