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The Weather Underground Main Menu has 29 links in drop downs. Of those links 6 of them do not work. That is almost 21% of the menu links not working.

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I'm trying to find where PM2.5 data shows up from the following station that just started reporting PM2.5 to WU.

These are probably two separate issues ...but I'm not sure. I read that you can find PM2.5 in the U.S. Counties Health Map & Air Pollution Monitors, but I don't know where that is.

I found it:

Not showing up yet though in the "NEARBY POLLUTION MONITORS". Maybe it takes a day.

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If anyone wants to know how to get to that for your location, start with any WU station dashboard.
Then click on the city name under the Station Name.
Then click on Air Quality and you are there.

* Your station does not need to have an air quality sensor to see this. These steps will take you to show you the nearby air quality sensors around you.

Thanks for the info.  From WU's data ingest protocol, I saw they accept PM2.5 and PM10 data via AqPM2.5 and AqPM10.  I started sending that data a couple days ago but I don't see it listed in my city's list of nearby sensors. It looks like they just import Purple Air data at the moment. When I get a chance I'm going to add AQI data to the overlay on my webcam image - and with luck maybe WU displays webcam images, or not ;)

There are other posts on wxforum about making your own Purple Air. This is what I did which uses the same internal sensor and an ESP8266-12f to send data via WiFi


Yes it seems WU is accepting my PM2.5 data but I'm not seeing it show up either in nearby sensors. It does seem like you said that for now all they are doing is receiving data from Purple Air's website.


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