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Taylor Weatherscope 3108C wiring

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Hello all,
    Well I just came home from a Ham Radio Swap Meet.  And I brought home a Taylor Weatherscope 3108C as best as I can tell.
This is based on pictures I have found on the internet.  I have no manual of course but this unit appears to be complete.
I was told it once was installed at a fire station, but I don't know if that is true or not.
Well people here is my problem   There is a 5 wire ribbon cable coming of of the panel display. The anemometer and wind direction have a total of 7 wires.
Not sure how this unit hooks up.  Does anyone have a wiring diagram or pictures or something that will give me a clue one as how to hook this up.  oh the temperature probe is intact so
this should be a functional unit.  I did find the battery pack under the name plate, and I changed the battery.

Thanks in advance

Hi Deacon. I do not own this station so no help there, sorry. I have Googled for hours for information on this and there's not much out there. If nobody chimes in with an answer to get you going I do have some thoughts that may help. Things like some pictures, disassembling the wind sensors to trace out the 7 wires to identify the cable leads. Measuring the wind cup output with a meter to see if it produces power. With things like this known we may be able to piece it all together but hopefully someone on here has one and helps out.  ;)

I may have a manual to check, but it will be a day or less before I could get to it.

Please rattle my cage with a Personal Message if you don't see something here by Monday night. 

I have a 3105 in a box, but no manual, and another type of box and a little different display, but says 3105 on outside, too.

The ability to do pictures back then seems limited, but there is a description on page three. A nice photo with positions listed would be less confusing.

Remember that the output of the anemometer is an AC voltage, so you can measure that if you can't figure this out otherwise.  And the battery sends a voltage (which you calibrate with the potentiometer as explained) to get full scale reading. As the battery ages you recalibrate.

I know one that my brother had on his farm back in mid 1960s had a multicolored ribbon cable and the one I have is a gray cable with no easy to identify markings.

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