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USPLN Sensor Request

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Here are a couple pics. One of the Strike and GPS antenna mounted and the other of the sensor mounted inside a cabinet in my shed. The sensor is hooked to my network using an ethernet cable hooked to a WiFi extender.

It appears to be an E-Field antenna, is that true? Any noise issues in that location? Can you monitor anything yourself, or is all the data sent to the "mother ship"?

Looks interesting, if you can post the data to your website, please let us know the URL.


Greg H.

I haven't really dug into any details since I finally got it setup and running. I did have to move the antenna as I had it too close to the weather station ISS and the pole was shielding the strike antenna. I'm going to see what other details I can get since things are pretty quiet this time of year.

I only have two different viewing options. One is a public gif that everyone can see and the other is a secure site that uses Google Earth to display the lightning. I can not use the Google Earth view on a public web site, only the public gif. The Google Earth is real time (updated every 15 seconds) and I can rotate, zoom in/out and view any place on earth for lightning using the normal GE controls. I'll post a couple screen shots.

1st is the public gif. Pretty simple and easy to understand.

2nd is Google Earth that is zoomed out. The larger icons makes it easy to find where lightning is happening as you look for it. The top left graph is total strikes in the system overall. The lower left graph is lightning within 12 miles of my location.

3rd is zoomed in some. Here it shows positive CG as a + , negative CG as a dot and CC is an X. Color coded for time intervals.

Note that at any time there is info in a sidebar that gives the number of each kind of strike that is in the active Google Earth window.

Here is the public gif that is available to anyone. 2nd and 3rd are attached.

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How does one access that public gif? Are they by area like the one you show?
I have only ever been able to access this one, which covers the entire North American continent:

Greg H.



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