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Can anyone suggest who to email at WU about a duplicate station situation?  I recently started to submit data to CWOP as DW1774 and I just noticed that WU is now showing a station WD1774, wait for it :roll:, which is my CWOP data stream.  So, I need to let WU know about the duplication.  I did let CWOP know that I submitted to WU.

KTXHOUST1, MADIS H0311, and DW1774 (now WD1774 as well)

Mark / Ohio:
At WU in your weather station settings there is a box to enter your MADIS ID.

I also have my CWOP ID entered as the station address.  I don't know though if the process is automated or if you will still have to wait for a real person to make the adjustments.  Might take a day or two to work through their system even if it is automated.


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