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VWS WU Retrieval Problems

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The last couple of weeks VWS has been having problems retrieving mesonet info; the top status bar message states, "Error retrieving mesonet file."

Recently I started having problems accessing WU.  It takes forever for the page to load.  So my guess is that VWS retrieval is timing out.

Hey Buff Flyer  did you try a ping to WU and see what the circuit is doing, It migth be your routing,   If you want to chart it for a while  i suggest using Ping Plotter. it will show all the routes your ping takes  and where delays are

 use it here alot  due to only  one pipe south  then after  hits lower 48 the delays really star showing up. ATT is the worst in delays MCI the best.

Thanks for the help John...WILCO.  I'll post back the ressults.

It looks like hop seven is the culprit if I'm reading it correctly.  Now, does it just mean the connection I have with their server has packet losses or is it me?

  It is them. You should see some of my bottle necks from here in Alaska. How you like that program. i used it to convice my DSL  isp that they had a problem to our neighbor, Now it all in lower 48 so nothing I can do about it.


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