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While posting (new topics or replies to topics), you can now use two hotkeys to help you out:

alt-p will do a Preview of the post (just like clicking the 'Preview' button)
alt-s will do a Submit of the post (just like clicking the 'Submit' button).

When you start a reply to a post, you'll see the Topic of the post in the 'breadcrumb' area at the upper left, just above the posting box.

You'll also see the Subject filled in on replies with a 'Re: <topic-name>' (which you are free to change as you like).

Best regards,

I'm using Firefox 2.0 and had problems with getting alt-p/alt-s to work in my config.  I'd get the History menu to pop up instead of submit.

The problem was that Firefox 2.0 considered alt-s to be a Menu activation key.

Easily fixed.  In the address box, type 'about:config', then find 'ui.key.menuAccessKey' -- if it has a value of '18' (meaning use Alt key to activate), change it to '0' (for no hotkey menu activation). Then close and reopen Firefox.  You should be able to use alt-p and alt-s without interference.  The downside is that you'll have no hotkey to access the firefox menus.



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