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WX Station order in Weather Exchange has changed

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I have noticed a few changes to the display of the "Weather Stations" section at the bottom of Wunderground (Example: -->for Raleigh, NC). My WX station (KNCRALEI19 - Durant Trace - North Raleigh) is now listed as the 6th WX station down. It used to be the first. I recently started sending data to APRSWXNET. Next I noticed that I had duplicate station data showing at different positions (KNCRALEI19 and MD1552) up so I entered my MADIS ID (MD1552) in the wunderground WX station section where you add/edit a station. After a day the MADIS link issue was resolved and no longer was displaying as duplicate data with KNCRALEI19. However, my station is now listed at the 6th. It was 1st before I started sending data to APRSWXNET. How is the station order determined? Is it based on Zip code of the area to lookup? I even entered my 9 digit zip to see if the station would be listed first and it was not.

I always thought it was distance from your station (gps coords???), mine has alway been and is still first on my list.  And if I scan down they appear in order of distance from me.   With the one exception of the official weather stations are listed at the bottom, even though 3 of them (same station) are only a mile of so from my house.


They appear in order of their distance from the town that the forecast is for.
Example. I live in Candler, Fl and that is where my station is located so I appear first on the list. Now if I type in Ocala,Fl at the top of the page I am way down the list because I am farther from Ocala.

I thought WeatherAnomoly was talking about his VWS created web page, not a WU search for a town....

I'm actally talking about both. I seem yo be the same rank if I put in Raleigh, NC in the search window of wunderground or if I put in the Zip code. I assume the 9 digit zip is not respected? If it was I should moft definately be first. Here is my ranking:

PWS page ( 6th
Wunderground using Raleigh: 9th
Zip code 27615: 6th
9 digit zip 27615-3999: 6th

I'm just trying to figure out why I have dropped in rack from 1st to 6th. The only change I made is the MADIS ID that was added.
Is the ranking based on distance from the Lat/Lon? If so how is the bulls eye determined for a zip code? The post office itself?


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