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Due to Steve's problems with his database and hosting I have offered to take over the hosting of World Weather Websites.
Because of the issues that Steve had had with the hosting, the database is no longer accessible, therefore I do not know who all the members are/were, so if you were a member previously you will need to re sign up.
World Weather Websites is open to all no matter what weather station, software or where in the world you are.
To sign up please follow the link www.mad-weather.com/topsites
I would like to thank Steve and anyone else who hosts a topsite list for giving us an insight into other websites around the world.


I'm struggling to get the form to accept my entry:

Is their a complexity rule for the password (min numbers of letters, must have number etc)

Can't get the right answer for the purpose of the list

Help :-)

I have a 14 character password with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, it doesn't say in the setup if there is a restriction.
try weather!

Hi Rosalind,
Many thanks to continue the job.
Best regards,

I would like to add my thanks, Rosalind, for your continuation of this project.  Much appreciated.

My apologies to those whose sites appear here in order of page views.  It seems that someone placed a link on Facebook to my Auroras page that obviously relies on NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center's Ovation for its graphics.  The hits went off the charts last night!  Tonight might see another anomalous viewership as well.

Over time and as more sites rejoin the Topsites Database my site will gradually move back down to its more natural place in the 30's or 40's.


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