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Setting up a Davis 6152 Vantage Pro 2 with MPB

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It's up and running.  Thank you all for your help.  Looking now to add on a wireless web cam that will work work with this Mac set up.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.  I looked briefly at the Ambient Wx options.  I didn't see any that were battery powered.  It seemed you had to at least have a power cord coming from the camera.  I will look more closely at that.

CaptMike, you went through the exact process I am about to embark upon. My home computing environment is all Mac based and I have the wireless Mac wifi routers. I recently purchased the VP2+ and will be setting up. I also ordered the weatherlink6510USB port instead of the one for Mac as I understood the windows software was better and less buggy. I also ordered the ambient weatherbridge to use to broadcast and upload my VP2 data to the internet to use on WU and other websites. So, in order the set up the weatherlink6510 and weatherbridge, I was assuming I would at least need access to a windows based pc to run the setup software for the weatherlinkUSB data logger and the weathrbridge device to set the initial settings, interval times, etc. Correct? I read that the weatherlinkUSB data logger only runs on windows based operating systems and not OSX. So, how did you set yours up? Did you purchase or borrow a PC with windows to run the initial software? Thanks for the help in advance.

Hello Gatorlsu,

You have no need for software, for what you want to do.  The Meteobridge comes with software, but you don't need it.  Simply connect the data logger to your VP2 console, then connect that to the Meteobridge, and follow the instructions that comes with the Meteobridge.  I am on the road presently, and am not looking at my setup, but I believe you may have to hard wire the Meteobridge the first time to your router.  I may be mistaken, but the manual should explain that.  It is so simple, that even I could do it.  I just got into hotel, and my mind is a bit fried.  I will reread this after some sleep.  Meteobridge has a tech number, and they were helpful.  But one thing I do know, you don't need to do anything with the included software..  The setup steps for the Meteobridge will have you on WeatherUnderground in no time, if that is what you want.

I just reread your post, and I think the 6510 is separate from the data logger.  So it might be data logger plugged into the VP2, hooked to the 6510, to the Meteobridge.  Again, no software needed.  Good luck.


Thanks CaptMike. If you do not mind, I may ping you when my setup gets here with a followup questions. Appreciate the help.


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