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I didn't know exactly where to start with this question.

Maybe this is a software problem but I don't know, cause its never happened to me before.

Last couple days on Wunderground my station is reporting 2.01 inches of rainfall.
It did rain here on Wednesday, but not 2.01, we only had 1.10, but why would my station be reporting 2.01 everyday, it does not show up in the display on the console.

Is this a possible software prob or Wunderground problem?

Mark / Ohio:
I would guess software on this one.  Below is a snip of one possible cause of 3 listed from the Ambient Weather Wiki:

"If there is a bad date record written your database, the rain rate will always read a non-zero value. To review this, select Settings | Database Settings and review the last record on the database (select Recall Record No:). If the date is some time in the future, delete this record. Keep deleting all records until the date and time is less then the current date and time. If this date is in the distant past, correct the time on your weather station clock."

This would probably be the most likely cause as I've had the database issue happen to me several times on my laptop.  Oddly though it has never happened on my desktop PC. 

I've been having similar problem- Wunderground is showing .12 inches everyday for this month when there is no rainfall.  Actual rainfall amounts are correct.  I've checked my database (VWS) and it appears that its data is correct, shows Total Rain. :???:

WU has always had an issue with the rain data. They do not use your actual rain amount. They use the rain rate and then calculate the rain amount. I've always disliked this method, but that's the way they want to do it.


Agreed... WU has never been accurate with their rainfall figures.  Welcome to our club.  :-(


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