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from "The coolest lightning strike photo eve

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Click image for larger picture.

The article about the image can be found here:

Finally, dicussion about the picture is here (with other cool lightning pictures):

Someone posted that pic on the old board. Very cool.
There was some discussion about whether or not it was real. I think the consensus was that it was the real thing. I know I voted it as being real.

Yep, very cool pic. I was the one who actually posted it on the old board. I still don't see how Kane Quinnell didnt move during the photo. It is real though.

up10ad N9RJH:

--- Quote from: "capeweather" ---. . .  I still don't see how Kane Quinnell didnt get move during the photo.
--- End quote ---

I wonder how he didn't have a movement!  :roll:  I certainly might with a strike that close.

maybe they had the camera set up on a tripod and was doing timelapse and just got lucky?


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