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Well if you are here you know I created this in hopes to help Gary recover his site and to get things back the way he would like them. For now, this will give us a place to talk and throw ideas at each other. I will gladly give Gary this domain name if he wants it. Anyhow, heres to hope fellas.

By the way, the intention of this site was just a temp. fix so we can help Gary fix his problem. I'm in no way at all trying to start this forum on my own to steal Garys hard work.  :!:  :!:


Ok, All of the forums that Gary created have been inserted on this site. I was able to find them all on the cache link below.

Excellent!  It does look a bit lonely though with all the empty areas to remind us of what we're missing.

If you talk with Gary, see if he'll give you access to his snapshot of the, then we could start with a user list/site contents from his last snapshot.  It could save him time for restarting :-)

Best regards,

Yes it does look a little lonely. But it is nice to be back! :D

Yes, it is nice to have a forum to chat again for sure. You guys probably got the latest word from Gary and he seems pretty optimistic about getting back in his hands. I hope he does. For now, this will work. Should we try to get a hold of some of the other members to let them know about this forum? I would hate for members to think that fell off the planet and have them never show up again. Just an idea.  :D

I'm gonna be gone for a week (7/22-7/29) and will give all of you admin privileges to make any changes needed to the site.

I'll be in the Florida Keys and am hoping for great weather.  :D


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