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I am a brand new user of any weather software with a month-old Davis Vantage Vue station.  I am using WeatherCat on an old MacMini with 1 Gb of Ram, it may be slow but it was collecting dust in the garage...

Among many questions I am trying to work through, one I haven't found addressed in the manual is changing the satellite imagery from Europe to North America, or even zeroing in more closely.  I see many options stacked up in list of available choices, but nothing but Europe and I don't see any way to change from one of the pre-loaded choices.

There must be something I'm missing, but darned if I can figure it out. ](*,)  I'd appreciate any help at all.

Fran McHugh


Enter this link into Preferences --> Imagery --> Channel 1 URL and see if it is what you are looking for.


Thanks Steve!  That worked.  I have a full picture of the U.S.
Now the follow up question, why do #s 2 and 3 only display a test pattern?

Thanks again,

I don't know. Mine came with these links in them


Of course those may be left over from the LWC preferences.

After I entered the all-U.S. weather map I found the WCIR.JPG file in #2 and it displays a nicely updating cloud-cover map of the western U.S.


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