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Anyone using the iOS App: "Check the Weather" ?


Dear Mac and iOS fans,

MacWorld has just included the iOS App "Check the Weather" in their 2012 App Gems awards.  It claims to use Weather Underground data, so it might be a good choice for those of us who want to keep tabs on our personal weather station.  However, as usual, information on these darn apps is long on hype and short on specifics.  Rather than buy it and have to try to get a refund, I'd rather ask here.  Has anyone used this app on their iPhone or iPad and found it nice to keep an eye on their particular weather station?

Cheers, Edouard  UU

I have not used that app. I've bought or tried many free weather apps. I've found exactly two that allows you to choose your own weather station (if you upload to WU) and I use one, and that's the Wunderground's official app, which is my go-to wx app. Other apps get data from WU, but they choose what to pull, usually automatically based on GPS, or by the city you select. No feedback as to whether they're pulling from PWSs or only gov't approved sites.

The 3 weather apps I keep on my home screen is Wunderground's, Solar (beautiful, fast, WU sourced), and Dark Sky, which is fun to see if it can accurately guess when precip is going to start and stop. Additionally, I use Living Earth HD as my bedside clock, which also pulls often-updated WU wx data, plus has a cool live cloud image. Has a nice night-dimming mode too, so its made to run all night.

I use all of these regularly. The runner up, still on my phone is Clink Apps Weather, but it's way in the back and almost never gets used. It does, however, allow you to choose a specific wx station.


I wrote to the developer and asked. Below is my email and his reply.

--- Quote --- We currently use HAMweather for our forecast data.  They are an aggregator and combine various sources together to try and get an optimal result.   

It uses your current location automatically, but you can search by city, or by zip code also. 


On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Steve  <> wrote:
Good morning,

I'm interested in your Check the Weather application, but had a couple questions before purchasing.

What source is used for current conditions? Weather Underground? or something else?

Does it use location to determine where you are, or can you select your default location?

If the source is Weather Underground, can I select a personal weather station? For example, if I enter 44011 normally I'd get the generic Avon, Ohio feed, but I would like to select my own PWS feed I send to Weather Underground. Is that possible?

Thank you, and what a beautiful looking application you've built!
Avon, Ohio
--- End quote ---

Weather Spares:
As my weather station uses Cumulus on a windows server, I have been able to take advantage of UnderWeather by Rock Cold Ltd, New Zealand for my iOS device.

You register your weather station with them, and it picks up the data from either Cumulus or Weather Display. You can then view your live data and various graphs whilst away from home in a simple interface.


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