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Title: Blitz Server Problems
Post by: satcop on October 26, 2018, 12:28:10 PM
Seems they had some problems with the servers and could be down for a bit.  :-( Any news Mike that can be shared?
Title: Re: Blitz Server Problems
Post by: miraculon on October 27, 2018, 09:06:38 AM
Still having issues from what I can see.

My maps extracted using Ken's lightning scripts are showing the red error banner.


The Service Monitor at https://monitor.lightningmaps.org/ (https://monitor.lightningmaps.org/) is showing an error for "Data Import Check".

Greg H.
Title: Re: Blitz Server Problems
Post by: Cutty Sark Sailor on October 27, 2018, 09:33:02 AM
It's going to be awhile... perhaps over the weekend... I've no further info from the guys today,,,....

There appears to also be a hardware issue on the Region 1 (main) db server, some of the data has been restored but not accessible as yet
,,,there are a couple of issues which are preventing a full restoration, and resumption of normal activity.

Lightning Maps Org is apparently not affected, other than being unable to communicate with the Blitzortung Servers, wherein the issues lie.

It's possible that once the BT database can be made functional, (remember, this is on the new server implementation , with lots of changes) the operations may move back to LMO, which provided the operation for most of the late summer. There could be delays 'reconverting' and 'mirroring' between the two, and this may be the point the guys have reached.

Patience, I suppose, is the watchword...
Title: Re: Blitz Server Problems
Post by: Cutty Sark Sailor on October 27, 2018, 01:36:20 PM
... here's what I Know, and observed, and was told, more or less, up through Yesterday....

In Early Summer, the  Blitzortung network operatio and processing, was moved to the more powerful servers which host Lightning maps (Tobi's). This enabled EGON to begin replacing and upgrading the aging Blitzortung servers, and upgrade a lot of the processing with additional algorithms, etc.... The entire operation ran from LMO until about 3 weeks ago, when gradual phase in to upgraded, restructured Blitzortung Servers (Egon's) 

Almost immediately,  I noted some issues with the Blitzortung Servers, the Forum and LMO databases  ](*,) :^o ...on a 'new' station's operator info not updating in the Forum and on LMO....  this was really subtle, and mostly not noticed... I called it to Egon and Tobi's attention, and it became quite a 'puzzle' for a few days... then we noticed that the strokes information from stations was 'strange'.... about all you could say for a couple of days... "strange"  :roll: ... it was very subtle at first... and Egon was trying to track it down, when he discovered that a major issue was developing... .Last Saturday, it appeared that database queries showed an outrageous spike, so to speak,  and on Sunday one of the  drives suffered a 'spasm', heart attack,  or whatever... the rest is history, so to speak...
...The problem however appears to extends further than just this, or did with the last update Egon sent me...
Best I've got for now, and I hope my inferences, and reporting is correct...  :-"

Title: Re: Blitz Server Problems
Post by: W0BTU on November 01, 2018, 03:43:53 PM
I am glad that I am not one of the devs right now. They all must have other jobs, which add to their stress and pressure.

As far as I can see, nothing has changed but the Last signal times, and then only on http://en.blitzortung.org/station_list.php?stations_users=0&selected_numbers=*&region_country=North+America (http://en.blitzortung.org/station_list.php?stations_users=0&selected_numbers=*&region_country=North+America).
Everything else, including the Running status is frozen from the time that the crash occurred. It still indicates that my new 9.5 receiver is offline. The status and error messages haven't changed. This must be very serious indeed.

I'm not complaining here. Just hoping for some kind of update from the poor devs.