Author Topic: lacross 79400 unit issues  (Read 1049 times)

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lacross 79400 unit issues
« on: December 09, 2021, 10:53:24 AM »
 ok i posted last summer about my uit not wanting to hold very steady in the wind. and i gave that updated wind vane a good tryout and for the most part, it does hold rather steady but the unit itself shows errors in wind direction because it sends data from the van to the base unit every 30 seconds or so. that does cause issues because the vane will overshoot the wind and then about the time the thing sends out the data the vane is in the wrong position.
some said to get a better unit? well, what is the general consensus on a better unit that does not cost a ton of money? i built a weather vane and the wind speed and that is on the shed and it shows the wind direction almost 100% accurate. it is heavier than the lacross vane , i made it from conduit and put the vane on a pivot the is set in bearings. the lacross might be a better unit if the bearing were not so light and had a bit of drag in them. i took the original vane off the lacross because that thing looked like a helicopter blade spinning in the wind and even adding tails to the fin did not help. i tried to find bearings for th lacross but the way lacross mounted them on the circuit board it was about impossible to change them out or even to muck them up so they had more drag. so liek some have said get another unit but most i have looked at have the same style vanes and i'm just a bit shy of getting one and then have the same issues. thanks