Author Topic: Fake news, Fake reviews are the new norm ..  (Read 394 times)

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Fake news, Fake reviews are the new norm ..
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:00:00 AM »
I see a tweet in my timeline from weatherflow , i thought is this going to be another one of those shopping channel tech reviews ?

so weatherflow seemed to have gone down this marketing path . basically what they do in the real world with there coastal weather station  infrastructure and what do they do in the consumer world are two different things.

here is where the article or fake review goes all wonky.

Davis Vantage Pro 2 snippets

It comes with detachable sensors and wings !!!!

wings ! what are wings  #-o god help us if anyone believes this shite..

last part

Cons “lacks camera functionality”

The new generation of weather enthusiasts more interested in the gadgets than the weather itself
Im sure in some forthcoming fake reviews we will see “lacks function of automation for flushing the loo”

my response below to WF on twitter..sadly they've lost the plot.but hey if it sells one then who gives a dam..

WTF guys davis vp2 pro ”lacks camera functionality “
and then this “It comes with detachable sensors and wings” WTH are wings ? do you actually read this crap articles..fake news , fake reviews is that the norm now..

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Re: Fake news, Fake reviews are the new norm ..
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2021, 02:28:14 AM »
How did that go?

In the 60's the owners manual told you how to adjust your valve lash.
Today it reminds you not to drink the battery acid.

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Re: Fake news, Fake reviews are the new norm ..
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2021, 02:59:38 AM »
sadly the need to understand how something works or functions today is rapidly declining , load up a app and voila you got the best and most accurate weather station in the world in ya backyard sez xx!!xx . and too top of it off we got a sensor the will measure the toilet room temperature so when the toilet water temp hits 32F (0c) it will empty to prevent ice blockages . just wish we all could spend a minimum of 5 years building a homestead and live in it we would all have some ability of knowing how things work and fix and share our knowledge. today the only knowledge that excels is where to download an app..

in reference to the blog it mentions weatherflow which highlights he hasn’t reviewed the product apart from taking it out of the box

“ The Tempest Weather Station has been the easiest weather station to setup that I have tested so far. It was literally, take it out of the box, pair it with my smartphone, and was getting instant data on the weather in my backyard. I’m going to be mounting the unit to a PVC pole and stuck it in the ground for immediate use. I’ll later secure it to my fence or perhaps on the eve of the roof.”

rule number one dont mount it on a fence simply the nature of the haptic (piezoelectric) sensor is problematic to sound,vibrations or just about anything that generates nearby vibrations.
weatherflow products at consumer level are notoriously problematic when dealing with rain . it is totally a case of luck you either have a problem or you dont there is no concrete solution .
if you live above the 50 degree north line then the possibility of measuring winter data will come and go simply the solar replenishment design is inefficient its a vertical solar panel and regardless of what they say a vertical solar panel is upto 40% less efficient especially in urban areas. Product is also designed to switch off sensors or reduce update intervals  when replenishment is near depleted. once its fully depleted then its offline .this is what you never see in these out of the box reviews long term observations this is how to really evaluate and give some trustworthy observations. I just wish weatherflow would move away from these kickstarter campaigns and actually take a few years to perfect there consumer products but deep down they put themselves under pressure to release a product due to the use of meeting kickstarter campaign users who tend to get impatient and openly voice there frustrations at delays.

no moving parts generally means no serviceable parts , one part fails its a case of replace whole unit(product) your kind of stuffed if its out of warranty..

thats my 2cents ...
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Re: Fake news, Fake reviews are the new norm ..
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2021, 04:16:43 AM »
It's what they used to call the amateurs half hour, now some call themselves influencers who have absolutely not a dam clue about what they are talking about but they think they are a legend in their own selfie 

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Re: Fake news, Fake reviews are the new norm ..
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2021, 10:30:08 AM »
I have read tech articles that read like a high school book report without any research (bad grammar and all). I have seen Amazon product reviews where the comments have very little to do with what is being sold. I have seen these influencers who are a legend in their own minds which leaves no room for brains. These are the people who eat Tide Pods and put Gorilla Glue in their hair and get paid (unofficially) to write their comments to promote a product.

That's why forums like this and others are the places to hang out.